March 30, 2021

I read this in one of my daily readers and it seems to fit today. Even yesterday was still off but today is better. It’s bad one day; it’s good the next. Today was more normal. Three days ago, terrible. That’s the way life works, I guess. I’m thankful today for this simple reminder to keep hanging in there.

February 12, 2021

Usually I’m a big advocate for uniqueness. I like people and things that are different. Quirky. Strange. I agree with Maya Angelou.

But today, I’m thankful because I felt normal again. No headaches. No yuck stomach. No watery eyes and nose bleeds. I was even hungry at lunch for the first time in weeks. And I had enough energy after work to make cookies!

Also, because feeling normal means I’m all for dressing up, I put on a wig and lipstick.

I’m not sure what the change was, but it was welcome. I’m thankful for this day of normalcy. Normal feels good.