November 30, 2022

When we had to put down our 18-year-old cat a couple of years ago, the clinic offered different memorial options. We asked for his paw print but never got it. We were pretty upset over his loss at the time and just chalked it up to a miscommunication. But the other day, the clinic contacted Patrick because they had the print after all. It was just overlooked. Today I attached a hook and put it on our Christmas tree. I’m so thankful for this unexpected memento today.

November 29, 2022

Yesterday I was displaced from my office at work because it was filled with a burning smell when I opened the door. It took quite a while of moving everything to figure out that it was a blown blower on the furnace. My office was closest to it. Luckily, the obnoxious smell was confined to my office and I was able to work out of another spot. Thankfully, today the furnace was fixed, and I was able to get back into my office.

I’m more thankful though for my sister Tammy, whose birthday is today. She’s fun, funny, and beautiful. And I’m glad I got to celebrate with her last weekend.

November 25, 2022

I’m thankful for safe travels for my family and myself. All of my sisters and brothers-in-law got together for Thanksgiving at my moms’s. I arrived today. It’s not often that we are together. We went to the Christmas market in town and played Jackbox games way past my bedtime.

Cliff in my mom’s wig.

November 24, 2022

I’m thankful today for the Thanksgiving holiday, my birthday, the yummy dinner Patrick made, and the good company. The picture of Patrick and Ann cracks me up because it looks like they’re having a terrible time when they were actually having an animated conversation. I just snapped the photo at the wrong moment.

November 23, 2022

I was able to take the afternoon off work to get some things done at home while the weather was warm again. I got up the Christmas lights and garland outside and took in some of the outdoor stuff that needed to be stored for the winter. Yay!

Before I left work, my colleagues surprised me with some birthday balloons and presents and cake. It was really sweet and I’m so grateful for them!

I appreciated the carefully placed balloons.
That one trick candle would not stop relighting.