January 29, 2023

Well, our several days of snow left us with about 6-7 inches. It was tempting to hibernate again today since it is also colder than it has been. But Patrick and I sucked it up and went out and ran some errands. I still managed to do a little sewing and reading and painting my nails, though. It was a good day.

January 28, 2023

It was a snow day! I went out for my art therapy class this morning, but then holed up at home afterwards. It felt like Christmas, so I built a fire in the fireplace and watched a Hallmark movie. Good thing I forgot about the little Christmas tree in the basement because that worked with my set up. I’m thankful for the pretty view and having no where to go.

January 25, 2023

I want to be productive when I get home from work, but I feel like my energy has just been drained. Therefore, the sketch I made earlier in the week has not become a painting yet. Boo. I have gotten close to finishing another book, so at least that’s something. And I’ve been riding the stationary bike while reading, so I don’t feel like a complete slouch. I’m thankful for that.

January 24, 2023

Is it still Monday? It feels like it’s a Monday. I’ve been tired and unmotivated most of the day, but I made it through work and was looking forward to a massage appointment afterwards. Only when I got there, they had switched me from my regular massage therapist to the new, hesitant guy. So I got an hour massage on the back of my legs and feet since that’s what I told him was bothering me. It was fine, and I felt bad when he told me it was his last day there. He might not be a great massage therapist, but he seemed like a nice kid.

At any rate, I’m thankful for getting my feet massaged. It’s not something I normally have done and it did feel good. I’m also thankful for dinner ready when I got home, and pups who were happy to see me.

January 22, 2023

I intended to paint today, but I didn’t get there. Instead, Patrick and I went to a new place for lunch, then followed it up with a short jaunt to an antique shop that I rarely get to. However, after getting a few other things done around the house, I did find time to sketch up an idea for a painting on my iPad. I’m grateful for a little time of creativity today before the work week starts.

January 20, 2023

My daughter asked me this evening how my day was, and my reply was “not awful” and asked how her day was. She said it was not too bad. We agreed that adulthood stinks when the best we got was a passable day.

Even though it was an ok day, there were some high points: Patrick made me coffee, we met some friends for a beer after work, and I FINALLY got my consultation scheduled with the new plastic surgeon. I’m pretty relieved about that last one. Yay!