October 4, 2022

Since I haven’t had a lot of extra time this last week, I haven’t gotten much up for Halloween inside the house. So today I’m thankful for some new touches from my mother-in-law and friends.

How cute is this??
This skull blanket goes with last year’s pillow!
Amuck, amuck, amuck!
Wine by the black flame candle. Cheers!

October 3, 2022

I had a 3-month follow up appointment with my oncologist today. Thankfully all is still well. My blood work was fine, and the exam showed nothing abnormal. However, I found out that my hormone shots are not over as I thought. I’ll either need to continue them every three months for the next 5 years or have surgery to remove my ovaries. Now that I know how long the shots will last, surgery sounds like a better option. In the meantime, I’ll be getting a shot tomorrow. Yay.

I’m also thankful for another massage today. My masseur worked on my lower back and legs this time, and man, it hurt. But in a good way. I can already tell that my hips aren’t as tight. I love how quickly massage works for me. I wish I could afford to go every week.

October 1, 2022

I almost feel guilty that we have had such lovely weather this week when the coast is battling with the effects of the hurricane. My heart goes out to those in its destruction, so I was grateful that our church had a fundraiser I could donate to.

I’m also thankful today for getting some items checked off my long to-do list, such as getting the house decorated for Halloween. It’s not don’t yet, but it’s started…

September 27, 2022

It’s been extra busy again lately. I feel like I am not getting caught up at work or at home. There’s just always too much to do. In fact, the rest of this week and next week are packed. Ugh. So I’m thankful for the small moments that make it bearable; Halloween decorations at work, a phone call with my daughter, dinner ready when I got home, and a homemade beer shared with me.