March 16, 2021

Today I met with a new plastic surgeon. My old surgeon is leaving the area. I was pretty disappointed since I liked him and I thought we already had a plan. But the new doctor seems equally as competent and nice. She has some slight differences in what she’s suggesting for me and gave me some things to think about. However, it was a better meeting than I was expecting, so I’m thankful for that. I’m also thankful that she was given all the notes and pictures from my meeting with the previous surgeon, so I didn’t have to endure another photo shoot or body markings.

I also saw my oncologist this morning and after a discussion about side effects and low blood counts, I asked him how careful I need to continue being with quarantining. While he says I should continue working from home for now, I’m ok to go into a store when I want as long as I double mask. Obviously, I’ll still need to be careful to avoid peak times and crowded stores, but I’ll be so happy to get out periodically. Freedom!

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