March 31, 2021

Seven more to go…

My chemo session was later than normal today—3 pm instead of the morning. It is always interesting to me to see the different faces of folks when I go. Most are older, and they tend to watch tv loud enough for others to hear. Or they sleep. Most have a support person with them who appears to be a spouse. Sometimes a child. I’m always dismayed by those there alone, considering we are allowed one support person. It makes me wonder if they’re home alone too.

The treatment center I go to is attached to a hospital, so not everyone there is getting chemo. They also do other infusions as well, although they’re not usually in the same wing. It’s lucky that the hospital is right down the hall because tonight was filled with a little drama. The lady next to me was admitted to the hospital because her blood sugar level was ridiculously high and they couldn’t get it reduced. I have no idea what her infusion was for. Another woman had a severe reaction to her medication and began crying loudly, wailing about her pain. Good thing for her, they got things resolved quickly.

It’s impressive how calm the nurses and doctors are in this center. None of them got ruffled this afternoon. They calmly helped everyone, explained what was going on and what they needed to do to resolve things.

I’m thankful for the staff today. I’m also thankful that my doctor adjusted my chemo dose, hoping that it will help lessen my pain side effects. Fingers crossed that it works!

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