April 14, 2021

The countdown continues…five treatments left after today! I wore my spotty shoes in celebration.

Today’s treatment was a little longer than usual because my nurse had trouble getting the needle in my port correctly. She’s worked with me only once before and had the same trouble. Both previously and today, she had to get another nurse to do it for her.

While it’s uncomfortable for me (I end up getting poked numerous times), I felt bad for her. She’s not a new nurse, but she is newer to oncology and must not have a lot of experience with ports. I could tell she was a bit frustrated and maybe embarrassed that she wasn’t successful. It’s all practice, but it’s kind of crazy that the practice can only happen in real time. The pressure of that must be awful.

I tried not to show it, but I was glad she didn’t keep trying on her own because I’m sure it will be sore later. However, today I’m thankful for her and all the nurses who take on this work with its pressures and crazy learning curves. It’s intense work and not something I’d want to do, but I’m grateful others have to courage.

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