September 8, 2021

I saw my plastic surgeon again today and he filled more of the tissue expander on my left side. He says he will likely stop here and wait until after radiation to do any more filling. By next Tuesday, it will have been 5 weeks since surgery, so his office will let my radiation oncologist know I’m ready.

I mentioned how sore and heavy things still seem, especially at night. I told him it feels like things are superglued to my ribs. He wasn’t surprised at my description and says he wants everything to remain in place. The heaviness and tightness, especially at night, are normal for now. His nurse also told me that it will take quite a while for everything to stop feeling sore (and weird).

While knowing I’ll be uncomfortable for many more weeks is not what I wanted to hear, at least I know it’s normal. I’m thankful for that. I’m also thankful that I was given the ok to have a glass of legit wine. Yay!

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