November 6, 2021

I love my friends. They always find a way to make me smile and I’m so thankful for that. What a sweet surprise on a day filled with cleaning and putting away the Halloween decor.

Have I mentioned I’m done with radiation? Still super happy about it. Even more happy because my skin is on fire—and not in the good way. I can’t imagine having more treatments now. And I can understand why major burn victims may need to be put in an induced coma. The pain from my localized area is enough to exhaust me. Why does this have to be under my arm where it rubs constantly? Why?

I think I did a bit too much today with my arms. This area felt like it was extra swollen, so I spent the evening on the sofa, reading a new book. But I’m glad I got things put away and the garage cleaned while the weather was warm. And I lasted a bit longer than 4 hours before I needed ibuprofen again. Maybe that’s a good sign.

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