September 20, 2022

I’m thankful to be home. After putting towels and books over all the miscellaneous lights in my hotel room last night, I figured I’d have a good shit at sleeping. The. I turned on the air conditioner and the noise from that was like a hair dryer going through a metal tube. Plus it had its own light. But at least it drowned out everything else and I was able to use a pillow to block its light. Even though the bed had indents, the pillows were soft and comfy, so I was able to eventually get to sleep. However, I didn’t get up in time for my 6 am training session.

At least the purpose of our trip, a meeting with a customer, went well, so it was worth it, because the drive home was rife with slow traffic. Our 4-hour trip took 5 hours. Ugh. Did I mention I’m thankful to be home? I’m also thankful that Patrick had a delicious dinner going when I got there.

September 19, 2022

I’m traveling for work today and tomorrow, visiting a customer site with a colleague. We drove 4 hours to a small town and are staying in a rather run-down hotel. My room is across from the elevator and next to the ice maker, and I can’t tell which is making the loudest sound. The bathtub faucet has a constant leak I couldn’t turn off. There are 2 phones in the room with red message lights blinking. I can’t turn it off either. And the blue lights from the microwave are directly across from the bed. Sleeping is going to be a challenge for me, who likes things dark and quiet. But I’m thankful that the drive wasn’t difficult and our dinner was pretty good and I’ve had some alone time to practice my French.

September 16, 2022

I had another massage today. My masseur spent the entire hour on my shoulders and back. There are So Many Knots. Several times I had to hold my breath from the intense burn. But I can tell that the tightness in my left armpit and side is finally starting to loosen up.

Laying on my implants is beyond awkward, especially with the pressure of a massage. Even after propping myself up a little with rolled up towels, it kinda hurt on occasion. I found myself trying to hold myself up a bit, which isn’t as effective, I know. Especially since I really enjoy a deep tissue massage.

At one point, my masseur asked if the pressure he was using was too much. It wasn’t and I told him I had a fairly high pain tolerance. He laughed and said that he used to do massage at a gym, and the big, buff guys would brag that they had a high pain tolerance, too. He said the pressure he was using on me today was probably 3 times what those guys could tolerate. Haha.

I’m thankful today that massage is helping me, and I’m grateful I can afford to go.