March 28, 2023

I’m thankful for getting through this very long day. I was at work for a 6 am training and left at 4 pm. I’m not used to 10 hr days anymore, especially when I haven’t been sleeping well. So I’m glad the day went by quickly, and Patrick had dinner started when I got home. Since I had to get up earlier than usual, so did Patrick and the pups. It’s a sleepy group tonight.

March 25, 2023

I woke up angry. We got about 8” of snow today and are supposed to get more tomorrow. Grrr.

I am thankful that it warmed up enough that a lot melted already, and it should get warmer after the weekend so it won’t last. We ended up hanging out at home all day. Patrick played a new video game and I sewed. I got a couple of tote bags done. Yay!

March 24, 2023

I’m thankful for getting together with work colleagues to celebrate a retirement. It’s getting rare that someone stays with a company 20+ years anymore, but we have several people at work who have and will be retiring this year. The one we shared dinner with today is our IT guru and the guy “behind the curtain” on a ton of stuff, so he will certainly be missed for his expertise. He’s also that guy who will spend extra time to help and always has a story or silly example to share. We will also miss him for his friendship.

Ron let me take this picture one day at work because the color of his shirt was the green we considered painting his “office” space. We didn’t.