March 6, 2021

Today I felt a little spring fever and decided it was time to put away all the remaining winter decorations. I didn’t realize how many little trees I still had around the house. I even pulled out a few spring greenery I had stored to replace the trees with.

It felt good to pack away the winter and then clean up the house some. We’re going to be getting warmer weather this week and I’m so ready for it. I’m thankful that my weird rashes were better today and I had more energy to get stuff accomplished.

March 1, 2021

It’s a new month! I’m so glad we are creeping closer to Spring. In the last week we’ve had enough of a warm up that quite a lot of snow has melted. It is exciting to see spots of grass again.

I’m also thankful that I was able to get caught up on some projects at work. I actually started work a bit early because I had a 7:00 meeting scheduled I wanted to be prepared for. However, when I logged on, I discovered the meeting was pushed to next week instead. And while Mondays are usually busy, it was quiet enough to devote time to getting caught up. It was great because it’s usually the middle of the night that I worry about all the items on my work list, and I’ve been frustrated lately that I’ve been too busy to get things checked off of it. It’s made work a lot more stressful than necessary.

Of course, I’m not completely caught up, but I made some strides. I’m grateful to have eliminated a little stress today. Hopefully, I can get completely caught up soon.

February 28, 2021

I’m thankful today for taking it easy. I always feel pressure on the weekends to get as much done as possible—clean the house, make crafts, finish books, exercise more—especially when I’m feeling good. That was my thought this morning. But instead we took an extra long walk outside and then I decided I didn’t NEED to accomplish anything.

It was nice to take the pressure off myself and just leisurely enjoy the day. I still did things: watched a few sewing videos, read a couple of chapters of a book, chatted with my sister. But I checked nothing off my to-do list, and I’m ok with that. Instead, I’m thankful for what I’d normally consider wasting the day.

February 27, 2021

Well, I didn’t sleep in this morning because the dogs went barking crazy at something early. They’re lovable but they’re also jerks.

We had nothing on the agenda for today. I told Patrick I’d like to check out of this resort. While the food is typically delicious, the entertainment is lacking. He wasn’t amused.

Thankfully, a friend dropped off some craft items she was sweet enough to pick up for me. She even included some cookies and muffins, which was an unexpected and much appreciated surprise.

Armed with my craft supplies, I spent the day working on a wreath in between laundry and vacuuming. I’d like to say the wreath came together well and quickly, but it didn’t. I had better luck with the laundry. But that’s ok. I persisted and while it wasn’t the original plan, it came out ok. I still have a few tweaks left.

My toes are not part of it.

I’m thankful that when I needed some extra supplies today, Patrick got them for me without hesitation. I’m thankful for the sunshine that helped my wreath making. And I’m thankful for the cookies that sustained me. I guess I’ll stick around this resort a while longer.

February 25, 2021

I’m not a morning person. I know some folks who are up at 4 or 5 working already, but when I’m up that early, it’s to use the bathroom and hop back into bed so I can get maybe another hour of sleep before the alarm. Unfortunately for me, I’m usually doing that about every day.

When we got our dogs as puppies, we decided they wouldn’t be on the sofa or on the bed. To compensate we spent way too much on fancy dog beds before we learned the error of our ways. We weren’t strong enough to withstand puppy eyes. It wasn’t long before the dogs got free access to the furniture. However, we still only allowed them to be in bed with us in the mornings.

It started with them being invited up once we woke and we’d lounge together for a while. Soon they’d come stand by my side of the bed just before our normal time to wake up. These days, Barley arrives anytime between 4 and 5, but usually after my bathroom visit and just as I’m falling back asleep.

Most dogs would probably just jump into bed. Ours do during the day. But when we’re sleeping, they wait to be invited. And they wait by my side of the bed. And paw the side. Once I tap the blanket, Chance will spring into bed. Barley, however, is a different story. When I tap the blanket, he paws again. I have to tap and tap and tap in a variety of areas so he’s really sure it’s ok. Then I have to tell him to come up. And still he paces and sometimes surfs around the bed like a shark. Then he’ll butt himself into the bed a few times. I’ll tell him again to come up. So he’ll leave the room. By this time, I’m usually completely awake and wishing I were a morning person. After coming back and bumping into the bed a few more times, Barley will finally jump up—and take my leg space.

That was the routine this morning. Once Barley settled in and I moved to accommodate him, Chance showed up and jumped in on the other side of me, pinning me in my blanket like a mummy.

I don’t think I’ll ever be a morning person. I mean, after all that, I fell back asleep for about 20 mins today. Our ungodly early morning routine sometimes drives me nuts. Trying to continue sleeping with two 70-pound dogs sandwiching me isn’t always possible let alone comfortable. But I’m still thankful for these two crazy dogs.

February 20, 2021

I’m so thankful today to see these two. My daughter and her boyfriend came for a quick visit from Virginia.

Once again, we sat outside in the snow, but it was warmer than when my family had come. We had a couple of hours of visiting, and they announced that while it’s not official yet, they’re planning to get married. He still wants to surprise her with the proposal. I’m so excited for them!

I’m grateful my daughter found someone who is a really great guy and also a great match for her. They get along so well and are so cute together. And now we have something else to look forward to—a wedding!