September 29

Today is National Coffee Day. I could end this post right now, but I’ll elaborate. Coffee and I have a thing going on. It’s a simpatico relationship, unmarred by addiction. I started drinking coffee as a teenager, but didn’t go through the phases of tolerance that a lot of people do, much like learning to enjoy good wine–starting with Riesling and working the way toward a nice Cabernet. I didn’t have to douse my coffee with copious amounts of cream and sugar and then start backing off. No, I started full strength, black. And that’s how I still prefer it. I will occasionally order a Cafe Latte, no sugar or special flavors, just the steamed milk. If I do branch out and order something ridiculous like a salted caramel mocha, it’s because I consider it a treat much like a dessert and I could feasibly have a black coffee on the side. Most people don’t believe me when I say I’m not addicted to the caffeine. Maybe I am, but I honestly can’t tell a physical difference when I drink it. And I’ll drink it off and on right up until bedtime some days. It doesn’t keep me awake. I don’t feel a physical need for it immediately upon waking. In fact I normally don’t have my first cup until I get to work. I have even gone entire days without having any and never experienced the headaches others complain about. Hard to believe, I know. Today I brewed some in my office (yes, I have a coffee pot on my desk) and several people commented about how wonderful it smells. Well, duh. It’s coffee. It’s wonderful in taste and smell. My love affair with coffee is based on just that. I love it. The taste, the smell, the warmth. I could live without it, but why? And today I’m thankful it has its own holiday.

July 21

Some days I sit at the computer at the end of the day and I’m at a loss of what to write, which reminds me that I haven’t been paying enough attention to things throughout the day. I know that’s pretty normal…get on a routine and life sometimes becomes a habit that requires little concentration. But that’s exactly why I started this blog to begin with; I didn’t want to blithely go through my life and then wonder what happened to all my time. So, I guess today is one of those days where when I look back over the last… I’m counting on my fingers…16 or so hours, I need to pick out the small stuff. So here goes.

I actually enjoyed my coffee this morning. Not that I don’t normally, since I’m a coffee addict, but I noticed it this morning, I didn’t just gulp it down. I had lunch with a girlfriend I don’t normally get to go to lunch with. We went to a place called Dandy Donuts where they make bite-sized donuts that come with every meal. And I smelled like donuts for the rest of the day. I interviewed a student for a tutoring position who seems to be a great candidate. That was a good start to my Fall planning. I figured out a name for my new puppy. More on that tomorrow. I also had fun shopping with my boyfriend for the items I need to bring said puppy home in the morning. I heard from a girlfriend I haven’t talked to in a while. We’re planning a catch-up night soon. And tonight I chatted with my mom, which is always a blessing. Unless she’s crabby or giving me advice I don’t want to hear, but probably need. But that wasn’t the case tonight. Thankfully.

Feb 23

It’s been a relaxing Sunday. It’s nice to have days that start with no agenda. It means being open to whatever transpires. Here are the highlights of what I was grateful for today:

The way the sun lit up my kitchen in the morning.
Drinking coffee and flipping through magazines at my kitchen island.
The mound of laundry I was able to get washed, dried and folded.
Getting through Lowe’s without succumbing to purchasing anything¬†another other than what I went in for.
Hot tea prepared for me.
Metallica. Even though their movie had a dreadfully disappointing ending.
Spontaneous dinner out.
Socks. Just socks.