May 10

A friend’s daughter got married today. The ceremony was a small gathering at a beautiful church and the weather was perfect. The reception was a larger affair at a nice restaurant, with all the trappings of today’s weddings: open bar, sit down dinner, announcement of wedding party, toasts, video montage of the couple’s courtship, first dances, bouquet throwing… It was probably the wedding day most little girls dream of. It really was wonderful.

But out of everything, the thing that touched me was this. When the bridal party assembled in the church as the ceremony began, the groom walked to the front and from the first moment he reached the altar, he had tears in his eyes. And when he turned around to the audience, he very tenderly over at his mother before looking around at everyone else. It was lovely to see this young man so openly display his emotions without reservation. And when the bride reached the altar, she barely took her eyes off of him. I know a little of the couple’s history and their path to the altar wasn’t a swift, uneventful one. They had a few bumps along the way. But watching them today, it was obvious that their commitment to each other was a very real one. I’m thankful that I was there to witness it.