February 26, 2021

I was able to spontaneously get my first round of the Covid-19 vaccine this afternoon. My work was able to arrange it for everyone next week with a local pharmacy, and they had a few spots open still today. I was a little nervous about it, but I had no adverse reactions. Barely even a sore arm.

I wondered early on about getting the vaccine while on chemo. At first thought, it doesn’t seem like a good idea. In fact, I was asked by 3 different staff/pharmacists today if my doctor knew I was getting it. But when I asked my oncologist about it weeks ago, he said I should get it whenever I had the chance. His only caution was not to get it on the day of my chemo treatment. Apparently, the only real drawback is that chemo will reduce the effectiveness of it. But I’m glad to be on the path to Covid protection!

I’m thankful for this vaccine today and also that it gave me the chance to chat with a friend from work. Oh—I’m also thankful to be able to sleep in tomorrow!

January 3, 2021

We have over 6 inches of snow outside right now. Sadly, it came after Christmas, but happily, it makes everything look so clean and bright. It also makes my Christmas lights glow differently, so I’m planning to be one of those people who leave the lights on longer than everyone else in the neighborhood. They make me happy, so they’re staying a while.

It was also sunny and warm enough today to take a walk outside. I was thankful for the fresh air and to see how the trees were still covered with icicles. A lot of winter weather is miserable, but today, it was picturesque.

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com

While Patrick and I don’t typically have New Year’s Resolutions, I asked him on our walk if he had any goals for 2021. His immediate response was get to the end of it. I couldn’t disagree, but at the same time, I don’t want to wish the year away. We then talked about possibilities that are still attainable; hobbies and projects that have been on our individual lists for a while. I want to read more–not just for fun but for intellectual stimulation. I find I miss the academic world. I’d like to go back and pick up on some of my communications research. I’m also working on my crafts and would like to get to the point of actually selling them, instead of just talking about it. That was my plan last year, and then Covid hit. All the little craft fairs and markets shut down. It became harder to figure out how to sell remotely, so I became lazy with it. The pandemic halted a lot of things last year, but I refuse to let it halt my growth any longer. I may still need to quarantine, but I can do more than binge watch Netflix. Regardless of the difficulties ahead, I’m still thankful for a new year, and while I look forward to what the end of this year will mean, I also look forward to the opportunities that will come along the way.