July 8, 2021

Tonight we celebrated that our friend Teresa has completed her cancer treatments and is now cancer – free. It was a small gathering of just six of us, but it was a fun surprise that she seemed to appreciate. Once again, it was good to see each other in person and more importantly have something important to be thankful for. I think we should always celebrate our victories—big and small. Beating cancer is a big one. I’m so happy for my friend to be done with this difficult part of her life and on the road to being back to healthy, and I’m grateful to celebrate with friends.

April 11

I was driving through farm country today and saw a beautiful sight. A field with new growth–short green plants coming up in rows. The sun was shining through the trees in the background setting the field aglow. It was a simple reminder of renewal. The seasons have changed. The sun is out longer. The air is warmer. The snow has melted. The plants are starting to reach toward the sun. Sometimes things end, but new things begin. Life is a cycle that keeps going, regardless of our difficulties. Sometimes we just need to simply hang on.

April 10

It’s been a really tough week. A week of endings. It’s hard to feel grateful when the heart aches. I find myself losing words. This is the time I usually turn to writing poetry because for some reason, it helps me focus my feelings. I am thankful I have that catharsis.

molten lament
unapparent in words
so maybe wasn’t an option

sometimes love only goes one way

an ending too bright
too startling in its clarity
one infinite flash
fades to shadow

my masochist lingers there aching
for answers
already lies
best to untangle and float
through unthinking

now heart paste smeared
on paper for him to see
how thick my pain is