So I’ve been in a lousy mood this week. There are some issues going on at work…politics mostly but some things that will affect our healthcare benefits. I’ll spare you the details because I’m sure for many they will sound familiar. It’s frustrating and saddening to see how consistently devalued employees are. Even though I was raised in a strict-budget household where “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “I’ll blow up the electric bill and hang it on your bedroom wall” were common phrases, I’ll never understand the ignorance of people who can’t see past the bottom line number. Who don’t realize that businesses are made up of people, not problems. And people are the best damn resource there is. Ugh. I’m getting worked up and I don’t want to get into it. I keep typing and deleting. Therefore, let me get to my gratitude.

In the midst of my crabbiness, I’ve been lucky enough to have, you guessed it, good people in my life. People who have listened to me complain. And changed the subject. Because there is more in my life to be thankful for than not. Tonight I had dinner with my boyfriend and one of my favorite couples. It was a lovely time, as it usually is, and we found much to laugh about. I’m so glad to have reminders that even in the middle of problems, we choose our attitude. I’m going to bed a bit less annoyed. That’s a good thing.