June 17

So I started watching Game of Thrones. (I know, where have I been, right?) I’m still in the first season but I’m completely hooked. Within two episodes I had such strong feelings about the Lannisters, I knew I’d have to continue watching just to see them get what they deserve. I had, of course, heard enough about the show to know it was crude and violent, which isn’t normally my thing. Aside from The Walking Dead, I usually like shows that are more upbeat or cerebral. But really, it’s the intrigue of all the subplots and the crossover of the families and story lines that has made me a fan. It’s not crude and violent for no reason. It’s intense. And I like it when a story isn’t obvious and you have to pay attention. Of course there are elements that are expected, but with this show, even the expected events have shocking twists. There is one definite about it though, it makes me thankful my life seems rather dull.