September 24

I was looking through some pictures from my phone’s saved “cloud” stream again because I had an issue with my phone battery and had to get a replacement phone. Now for some reason, the photos won’t download from the cloud back to my phone. It looks like they are trying to load but aren’t visible, even after a couple weeks. So I’ve been looking through to see if I even need that to happen or if I can stop the process and quit worrying about it. Silly concern, I know, but I’m only worried that the attempt to download is eating up my phone’s battery life. At any rate, as I went back through photos, I realized that a lot of the ones I really like are the funny ones my kids and I have taken together, especially the insanely awkward and unflattering ones. They immediately bring back the moment we were in when we took them. I’m thankful tonight for those memories and for the amount of laughter we still have, even on the stressful days.

March 2

I’m thankful for laughter today. For the moments spent teasing each other and laughing…

I miss how your laughter
could fill me up
and tickle me from the inside
and we’d both bubble over
until we started to