November 12

The stinkin Lincoln is gone. I found a company that collects junk cars and had it towed away today. Nevermind that I ended up having to take an entire day off of work because the tow truck driver kept pushing the pickup time further and further out. It started with a before 10:30 am timeframe which worked because I had scheduled my cat to go to the vet at 11:00. I planned to take the morning off, get those two things off the to-do list and go to work after lunch. However, the first tow truck call came about 9ish with a I’ll call you at noon and pick up will be between then and 3:00. He must work for the cable company too. I heard nothing at noon. But then, about 2:00 I got a call that he was on his way. And at 3:15 he called asking for my address and said he’d be another 20 minutes. It was just after 4:00 when he showed up. I was irritated, but what could I do? It was freezing today. I needed the car gone before the first real snow hit us and I was stuck shoveling around the dead car. So I signed over the title, collected my $300 in hundred dollar bills that I’m not 100% are real yet, and watched him load the car onto the tow truck. I have to admit that I felt a bit sad watching it go. My parents gave me that car for Brianna. My dad really liked that car. And I thought of how my mom talked just a week ago about the strangeness she felt every time she opens her garage door and sees her new car sitting there. She recently traded in the van she and my dad had for a smaller, more practical car, and somehow it still doesn’t feel right to her. Trading in the car was another step in her life without him, although she purposely picked a color he liked. So now she’s reminded of him every time she sees it. And reminded that it’s another new thing she has to learn to live with. And as I watched the Lincoln disappear, I felt a twinge of the same thing. Another piece of dad history gone. I’ll be forever grateful for my parents’ generosity in gifting it to me, but knowing it had outlived its usefulness, I’m also thankful to have it out of my driveway.