May 23, 2023

I’m grateful today for another good massage after a weekend of gardening. My hips are now back in alignment, which feels SO MUCH BETTER, not to mention that my implant had tightened up again since the last massage a few weeks ago. It also feels better. Two more months and fingers crossed this implant pain goes away for good.

I’m also thankful for another beautiful day. Patrick got our deck sealed and I got the cover to our pergola cut and sewn to size. Two more things off our list.

October 3, 2022

I had a 3-month follow up appointment with my oncologist today. Thankfully all is still well. My blood work was fine, and the exam showed nothing abnormal. However, I found out that my hormone shots are not over as I thought. I’ll either need to continue them every three months for the next 5 years or have surgery to remove my ovaries. Now that I know how long the shots will last, surgery sounds like a better option. In the meantime, I’ll be getting a shot tomorrow. Yay.

I’m also thankful for another massage today. My masseur worked on my lower back and legs this time, and man, it hurt. But in a good way. I can already tell that my hips aren’t as tight. I love how quickly massage works for me. I wish I could afford to go every week.

September 16, 2022

I had another massage today. My masseur spent the entire hour on my shoulders and back. There are So Many Knots. Several times I had to hold my breath from the intense burn. But I can tell that the tightness in my left armpit and side is finally starting to loosen up.

Laying on my implants is beyond awkward, especially with the pressure of a massage. Even after propping myself up a little with rolled up towels, it kinda hurt on occasion. I found myself trying to hold myself up a bit, which isn’t as effective, I know. Especially since I really enjoy a deep tissue massage.

At one point, my masseur asked if the pressure he was using was too much. It wasn’t and I told him I had a fairly high pain tolerance. He laughed and said that he used to do massage at a gym, and the big, buff guys would brag that they had a high pain tolerance, too. He said the pressure he was using on me today was probably 3 times what those guys could tolerate. Haha.

I’m thankful today that massage is helping me, and I’m grateful I can afford to go.