Feb 17

I drive a minivan. There I said it. Even though from the moment I reached adulthood, even before I had kids, I swore I wouldn’t drive one. I swore I was never going to be a “soccer mom.” Nothing against soccer, I actually don’t mind the game. I’ve spent many nights sitting on the sidelines of a soccer field. And of course, nothing against moms, since, you know, I am one. I simply rebel against stereotypes, and I didn’t want to be that mom in a minivan. And yet, with two grown children, I still drive mine. I guess I should take comfort in the fact that almost every one who sees me in my car for the first time is somewhat shocked. I actually had someone tell me that she imagined me driving a Mustang or a Charger or something sporty and cool. I think I disappointed her. I didn’t tell her that I actually had a Mustang at one point. It was a 1967 convertible…a project car bought when I was married. It was never finished enough for me to drive, and was the only item I requested in my divorce. Unfortunately, I didn’t know my ex had put a lien on it, so it disappeared along with everything else. I’ll have one again some day…

In the meantime, I drive what I refer to as my MUV (mini-van SUV combo). I think the front end looks more like a truck, which was the only thing that made buying it palatable. When I purchased it, I knew I needed something larger than the small car I was previously driving. The fact that my kids were right behind my head and literally hanging over my right shoulder in the car drove me mad. I told the dealer no minivans but no gas guzzlers either and in my price range, that really left no options. So when I saw my car and the nose wasn’t pointed like most minivans and there was enough space for the kids to be back far enough for me to pretend not to hear them whine, I relented. Plus it has a dvd system with remote headphones. My kids and I have spent many quiet years of driving together. Of course, over time there has become less of a need for hauling kids and more for hauling junk. I had a decorative painting business for a long time, and my car can carry a full-size ladder along with all my equipment. Take out the seats, and I have stacked almost a room full of furniture in there. I can pick out almost whatever I want at an antique shop and cram it in my car. Same goes with my hardware store addiction. Lumber? No problem. Snow blower? Load it up.

And that is why I can’t get rid of my minivan. It’s just so darn convenient. Although I have thought about it. I mean, really, I would look good in a sports car. I can drive a manual transmission vehicle, no problem, and I do like to go fast. But today when we got another 5 inches of snow, I plowed through it and never got stuck. That’s comforting. I guess it’s still working for me, thankfully. Until it no longer does, I’ll keep it.