May 22

Everyone probably knows the quote that says The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding. Sometimes it reads as the longest distance, but the sentiment is the same. Failing to connect because you can’t grasp what the other person is saying over your own point of view, especially if your view is tinged with strong emotions. It’s a calamity to let misunderstandings with someone you care about  lie unresolved. Yet why is it so easy to let our emotions dictate our judgement? And sometimes so hard to extend the olive branch? Why do we sometimes persist in our stubbornness to the point of letting people go? Life is too brief to be unyielding. Pride is a false disguise for pain. It only makes the pain harder to bear.

I’m thankful today to have bridged the distance with someone I care about. It’s a weight lifted to have revisited where things went wrong without the burden of emotion and have an honest conversation about how to make things right again. To say I’m sorry and mean it and to hear the same back. There’s curative powers in being vulnerable. The relationship may not be the same as it was, but we have a different place to begin again and that’s the whole point. There’s no ending, just an evolution. And this time, the connection may be even better.