July 10

So I was texting with my mom today about house projects and tv shows and how there isn’t enough time for everything. Here’s how our exchange went:

Mom   Clone yourself.
Me    Ha! There’s an idea.
Mom   I think the world could use a few more of you.
Me    I’m not sure the world could handle it.
Mom   We could send out a memo preparing everyone for it.
Me    Doomsday.
Mom   No, no…wrong train of thought. More like a multiple blessing.
Me    Aw, thanks!
Mom   I only speak the truth. Unless I’m texting your sister Jenny. Haha!

I love my mom. I really thought she was being sarcastic, which would not surprise me in the least. After all she’s not the type of mom who’s blind to my faults, some of which had come up in a prior phone conversation. Instead, she was being sweet and I was thankful for that today. I needed it. Of course, I love that she ended our exchange with a sense of humor. I’m guessing my sister, who reads this blog, knows what my mom was referring to. My mom isn’t really a liar. But she does like a good joke.