November 25, 2021

It was a good Thanksgiving. Bri and Noah left to join her dad for the holiday, but our friend Ann came over as they were leaving. Patrick made a wonderful dinner, as usual, and we spent the afternoon chatting while drinking wine. There is much we are thankful for—friends, family, renewed health, and hope. Oh, and mashed potatoes.

Patrick didn’t get his bookshelf cleaned off before dinner. Look at Barley waiting.

November 27

My boyfriend’s sister is getting married tomorrow, so tonight was the rehearsal and dinner. Instead of a traditional Thanksgiving feast, we had a Mexican buffet. She got some teasing over her food choice, but it was actually very good. They know how to do tacos around here. I’m thankful today to be here, to have met by boyfriend’s sisters and other people from his hometown, and to see where he grew up. I’m also thankful for the warm weather (it snowed back home) and for the fun we are having. Of course, on a grander Thanksgiving scale, I’m grateful for a lot more (like my kids and family and friends and puppies and fat cat). I have a lot of things to be thankful for today. I hope you all feel the same.