June 26, 2021

And just like that, my daughter is a Mrs. and I gained a son. The wedding was a lovely affair and my daughter was incredibly happy. There were a few tearful moments, like when I helped her with her dress and it was just the two of us for a moment. She looked so beautiful.

And when Noah started tearing up when he first saw her.

And when Emma gave a touching toast to her sister and Noah.

I’m so thankful that my daughter found such a wonderful partner, and their day was a beautiful start to their life together.

June 25, 2021

It was a long day, but it was good. My girls and I had breakfast together, and it was great to have a little mother-daughter time. Poor Brianna was exhausted though. She’s been hustling all week getting things ready for the wedding. We encouraged her to take a nap, which she did after lunch.

This evening we headed over to the wedding venue—Noah’s parent’s house. Brianna had sent me a picture of the yard they were using for the ceremony. What she failed to mention was that their property was quite a bit larger than in the picture and set rather deep in the woods. The ceremony is going to take place in a grassy circle surrounded by trees. The reception is going to be in the backyard that has an amazing garden area.

Noah built this amazing backdrop out of vines.

We had a quick ceremony run-through and then ate a yummy dinner of homemade lasagna. I was happy to finally meet Noah’s parents (who are as lovely in person as I expected) and see Brianna and Noah with their friends. It’s going to be a wonderful wedding.

February 20, 2021

I’m so thankful today to see these two. My daughter and her boyfriend came for a quick visit from Virginia.

Once again, we sat outside in the snow, but it was warmer than when my family had come. We had a couple of hours of visiting, and they announced that while it’s not official yet, they’re planning to get married. He still wants to surprise her with the proposal. I’m so excited for them!

I’m grateful my daughter found someone who is a really great guy and also a great match for her. They get along so well and are so cute together. And now we have something else to look forward to—a wedding!

November 27

My boyfriend’s sister is getting married tomorrow, so tonight was the rehearsal and dinner. Instead of a traditional Thanksgiving feast, we had a Mexican buffet. She got some teasing over her food choice, but it was actually very good. They know how to do tacos around here. I’m thankful today to be here, to have met by boyfriend’s sisters and other people from his hometown, and to see where he grew up. I’m also thankful for the warm weather (it snowed back home) and for the fun we are having. Of course, on a grander Thanksgiving scale, I’m grateful for a lot more (like my kids and family and friends and puppies and fat cat). I have a lot of things to be thankful for today. I hope you all feel the same.

May 10

A friend’s daughter got married today. The ceremony was a small gathering at a beautiful church and the weather was perfect. The reception was a larger affair at a nice restaurant, with all the trappings of today’s weddings: open bar, sit down dinner, announcement of wedding party, toasts, video montage of the couple’s courtship, first dances, bouquet throwing… It was probably the wedding day most little girls dream of. It really was wonderful.

But out of everything, the thing that touched me was this. When the bridal party assembled in the church as the ceremony began, the groom walked to the front and from the first moment he reached the altar, he had tears in his eyes. And when he turned around to the audience, he very tenderly over at his mother before looking around at everyone else. It was lovely to see this young man so openly display his emotions without reservation. And when the bride reached the altar, she barely took her eyes off of him. I know a little of the couple’s history and their path to the altar wasn’t a swift, uneventful one. They had a few bumps along the way. But watching them today, it was obvious that their commitment to each other was a very real one. I’m thankful that I was there to witness it.