Day 26: Buried in Snow

Once again, the weather has turned to crud. I woke this morning to more snow on my driveway. I don’t necessarily mind shoveling snow, but when the temperature drops to something around zero, it’s not fun. And the street plows typically show up about ten minutes after I’m done, shoving all the wet, compacted snow back into the end of my drive like a mini barricade. My next door neighbor (nice guy) has also taken it on himself to snow blow out a path on our adjoining yards to the fire hydrant located on our plot line. I’m sure he means well, but he shoots the snow towards my drive, adding more height to the dangerously high mound already there. Now, I’m not a tall person. When I shovel, I somehow need to toss the snow over this mound that’s darn near my height already. I’ve not said anything to my neighbor, but I really wish he’d shoot the snow into his own yard. He is about a foot taller than I am–and he has that darn snow blower on top of it! But I was raised Catholic, which means I have an innate sense of doom when it comes to these things. I know if I make this a problem, and he doesn’t plow out our fire hydrant, it’s my house going up in flames. With no hydrant visible.

So I say nothing and shovel and toss. Thankfully, the wind has been whipping through here at about 50 miles per hour. It almost just pulls the snow off of my shovel if I can get it up high enough. Of course, I need to be upwind for this to be truly effective. I’ve discovered throwing snow into the wind only gets my face chapped. And sends the snow back across the drive for me to chase. I hope someone had fun watching that one. I have gotten lucky, however. There have been a few occasions where I’ve gone outside to discover that a neighbor (not the aforementioned one) has come by and snow blown my drive for me. And a couple of times the lady across the street has walked over with her blower to help me after the snow plow came through after an hour of shoveling. I’m grateful for the help, but it makes me feel guilty. Most of my neighbors are retirees. I should be helping them. That’s how I was raised.

So today I’m thankful I needed to make yet another trip to Lowes. There I discovered a snow blower on clearance. A very nice, shiny red one that someone had returned for apparently a silly reason. I was assured it worked just fine, but because it had been returned, it was discounted. Not as much as I’d have preferred, but significantly. Enough to get it into my car. I’m still hoping it doesn’t snow another flake for the rest of the winter, but if it does, I’m now ready.

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