Feb 26

I’m going to say this upfront. I’m thankful for my bed. Most nights I can’t wait to crawl into it.

When I got divorced, I left behind a lot of items because we had to sell our house and pretty much everything in it. Long, sad story. Ultimately, it worked for me because I wanted a fresh start. And that meant starting over from scratch. I rented a two bedroom apartment in an old duplex. It was a cool place with hardwood floors, heavy crown moldings, a sunroom and a cute porch off the back. But the stairwell to the second floor bedrooms was cramped. Since I needed to buy all new furniture, I figured I would simply get myself a queen bed and my kids twins for the room they had to share. I quickly realized, however, that the queen box spring would not fit through the stairwell. But the twin box spring worked just fine. So I was forced to buy myself a king size bed since the box spring was two twins, and the mattress could bend enough to shove up the stairs.

The irony is that I’m not a big person. I’m only 5’2″. I have no physical need for such a large bed. However, I have grown to love it. I sleep every which way but straight up and down in my bed. I sleep corner to corner a lot, but horizontal mostly. I had a conversation recently with friends about whether or not we tuck our blankets under at the foot of the bed. Umm…not really. Sheet maybe, but not blanket, although for me it doesn’t matter. My feet don’t reach that far anyway. I prefer to leave my feet unfettered at the opposite side of the bed. My most recent addition is a foam topper. Wow is that wonderful. It’s like sleeping in a hug. And I didn’t skimp on pillows either. I have a couple of down pillows because I like to scrunch them up. Down kind of conforms to my head without fighting back. I like that. I sometimes fight sleep; I don’t need to fight my sleeping zone too.

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