March 3

For some reason, I’ve been thinking about gardening. Strange, I know. We’re still buried under mountains of snow and ice, and the temperatures started in the negatives today. But I can’t wait until I can get my hands back in the dirt and plant stuff. Maybe it’s the fact that I spontaneously bought a 2 foot spiral evergreen during one of my Lowe’s trips last week. It’s sitting out at the end of my sidewalk like a happy little garden ornament. I’ve been considering where I can plant it when the time comes.

When I bought my house it was covered in overgrown bushes and trees. To the point where the front door and big picture window weren’t even visible from the street. There was no way to salvage most of them, so I enlisted the help of a friend and tore pretty much everything out. I think only one small flowering bush remained at the side of the house. Because it was the end of summer by the time I was done with the destruction, I didn’t have a lot of time to plan out a good landscape. Instead, I found a few bushes and perennials to put back in so things didn’t look quite so bare through fall. However, I’m now anxious to continue with the plan. While I wait for the spring thaw to start, I’m going to peruse my landscaping books and Pinterest boards for inspiration. Not only will that help me figure out the best place for my little evergreen, but it may help me get through the last of this painful winter cold.

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