March 13

This week has gone by rather quickly. In a way, I’m thankful for that since I have been going in to work, even though no one else from my department has been there. Sometimes it’s nice having the quiet to myself, and I can get a lot accomplished. Other times it simply reminds me that I’d rather be on vacation during Spring Break. I did get some of my must-dos done though, such as tearing down the paper snowflakes I had put up around the office. I could not endure seeing even the pretend snow anymore. But I did have more things I had hoped to accomplish this week at work such as filing the stacks of papers that need to be put away. I can let that go for only so long, and then I can’t stand it. That type of clutter begins to make me feel claustrophobic. After getting some rooms cleaned up at home, I now have the desire to carry that into my work environment. I may need to go in tomorrow just to get myself organized for next week. However, it’s been nice having the break from working normal hours. It’s one more reason I’m thankful I work where I do.


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