April 28

I am thankful today that my students have a sense of humor. While I was out sick most of the work day, I did feel a bit better by late this afternoon, so I taught my class tonight. Immediately when I walked in, they asked what was wrong with me. Even though I tried to hide it, my allergy eyes gave me away. The nurse at the immediate care clinic yesterday described it accurately. She looked at me in shock and said, oh honey! That must hurt. You look like you’ve been burned. Yes. I look like someone tried to burn a raccoon mask around my eyes. And now my students have seen me at my worst and had great fun teasing me about how miserable I looked. But that’s ok; I’m the one giving out grades in a couple of weeks…

2 thoughts on “April 28

  1. Your story reminds me of a time my allergies made my eyes go as red as The Terminator. When my students inquired into why my eyes were so red, I total them I was practicing juggling chainsaws and caught one with my face instead of my hand. Most of the class laughed but I was concerned when one asked “really?” Thank you for sharing your stories as a teacher and keep up the great work!

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