May 4

It was a great weekend for my house and a bad weekend for my body. I spent a good portion of yesterday and today working in the yard, pulling weeds and cleaning up. Then I bought 60 bags of mulch and placed them in the flower beds as I unloaded them. I don’t know why I decide to do these projects when my kids are at their dad’s for the weekend because I am so sore tonight.  However, my yard is starting to look tidy, which I’m grateful for today.  Not only did I get the flower beds cleaned up, but I also found a tree to fill in an empty spot in my landscaping. It had been bothering me that I couldn’t find what I wanted (mostly because I wasn’t able to spend a ton of money) because I knew I couldn’t wait too long if I wanted a tree to get established this season. So I was thrilled today to find a sizable tree at a reasonable cost and I was more thrilled that a friend agreed to help me get it home in his truck. Now that the yard is coming together, the next project is painting the house…

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