May 6

I guess today I’m thankful for ice cream. There’s something about comforting foods, especially when shared with people you care about, that turn lousy days into good ones. I had another episode of allergy eyes today, which made me a bit cranky. The itching and burning skin was almost intolerable. And I’ve given birth without pain medication, so I know about pain. I did go to the doctor, but he was at a loss and referred me to a dermatologist. In the meantime, he told me to continue taking my allergy medicine and quite wearing makeup. That’s not happening. Well, I’ll continue with my meds, but I’m not going to go to work looking like a red raccoon. People looked at me funny all day and asked if I was ok. I know they thought I had been crying. A lot.

So, tonight my feel good was ice cream at Baskin Robbins. You know how you hear all the time that it’s the small stuff that counts. Well, it’s true. The small, good moments can outweigh a lot of bad if you let them. My ice cream cone and good company didn’t really take away the pain of my still red eyes, but it helped my attitude. I’m grateful for that.

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