May 23

I’m sore. It was the first day of what we term “summer hours” at work. Everyone who works year round gets Fridays off early in the summer; the college shuts down at 1 pm. There is a group of us who usually try to get together in the afternoon to hang out on a deck somewhere and enjoy some drinks and maybe whiffle ball. Of course, as luck would have it, I wasn’t able to go. Well, I could have, but I had an incredibly bad allergy morning, where my left eye was almost swollen shut. I ended up back in the immediate care and back on steroids. By 1 pm, I looked only slightly less like I had gone a couple rounds in a boxing ring. I decided it would be best if all of my work friends did not see me looking quite so battered. So instead I worked alone in my yard. I’ve been converting the area where an above ground pool had been taken out into a fire pit area instead. Last weekend I finished building the retaining wall and today I pulled all the weeds out of the sand. I didn’t think it was that hard of labor, but my legs apparently thought so. At any rate, it was rewarding to see clean sand and get a little sunburn on my shoulders. Even though I didn’t hang out with my friends, I’m thankful I had the afternoon off. And even more thankful my eye eventually calmed down. Fingers crossed for the morning. 

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