May 31

I’m so thankful today for the beautiful weather we’ve had. Not only has it been a pleasure to be out in the sun (even with the sunburn I’m now sporting) but it’s allowed me time to do even more house projects that have been in the queue since last summer. Today I got a great start on painting the outside of my place. I got most of the front and part of one side done. And it was funny to get my neighbors’ reactions. Several of them yelled at me from their side of the street, letting me know they loved the color. The woman directly across from me came over a couple of times to inspect it and remind me to be careful on my ladder. Since most of my neighbors are retired folks, it was kind of like being surrounded by concerned and appreciative grandparents. Not a bad deal. And even though I’m exhausted and sore, I’m glad I got a lot done and I’m even happier that at the end of the day, I still liked the color.    

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