June 19

itch digger
I have watched you a long time
shovel in hand sun hard on
your tied-back hair
bright in your black earth eyes
muscles contract
sweat drips down salty
as tears wipe them off soft lips
with heavy hand
and continue on
what do you think when
metal crunches on rock and dirt
flings overhead
no one for company but flies
and earthworms
do you look at the ground
beneath you the growing hole
as your way out
tunnel to a better future
or does the earth feel like quicksand
ditch like grave pulling you
under turning your world
to dust

I was reminded a couple of times this week of how many people continually reach dead ends that they have created for themselves. Today I’m thankful for the reminder because I know how easy it is to slip into complacency instead of continuing to work toward a goal. There’s always a way out of the problems that stand before us. Sometimes it’s just changing how we look at the holes we’re digging. Are we creating new paths, or are we simply burying ourselves?

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