July 7

I found out today that a guy I went to grade school with died recently. Apparently he had been battling lymphoma for a couple of years. Today was his birthday; he was born the same year I was, which is probably why, even though I hadn’t seen or heard of him in years, his passing seems so strange and sad. While I find myself feeling old some days, when I heard of his death, it reminded me of how young we really are.  His was a life cut short. It’s another reminder that no day is promised to anyone. Although I wasn’t friends with him currently, I do remember my old classmate. So I was thankful to read in his obituary that he lived his bucket list, working as a pastry chef and traveling around the world. He lived in London for a year. He died in Hawaii. From the list of things he enjoyed, I’m guessing we could have been friends: the ocean, hot days outside, good wine, the Christmas season. I’m guessing he knew his time was short and tried to live it with as much gusto as possible. His family ended his obituary with the following, wise words for all of us.  He lived life with fullness and joy. We are reminded through his life to live each day with the possibility of nurturing curiosity and spreading kindness. 

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