July 11

Today was the perfect blend of rather quick work day–well, after the first few hours it seemed to go quickly–and slow evening. I’m making pretty good progress on my daughter’s bedroom redo. I hate to jinx myself, but so far things are coming together well. I can’t wait to get to the part where I’m putting it all back together and adding some finishing touches. It is rather ironic that while I’m working on her room in the hopes that she will start to keep it clean after this, the rest of the house looks like squatters have moved in. By the time I get my own bedroom clean (I had an unfortunate closet incident so all of my clothes/shoes are piled on the floor) it could be Fall and I’ll have no need for the summer clothes I’m trying to rearrange. But I’m on a time frame for the redecorating, so the cleaning has been postponed to a little later. However, I did take time out for Hibachi food, Wisconsin beer, and Game of Throne watching with my favorite guy. So I’m thankful today for a happy ending to another beautiful day.

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