July 27

What a beautiful day we ended up having here. Cool breezes and mostly sunshine. It was a nice way to wrap up the weekend. My list of thankfuls for today. (I guess things are a bit puppycentric lately):

Coffee on the deck with church service on the I pad and puppy at my feet.
Finally getting the front flower bed weeded and yard mowed.
Easily getting a whole patio set in the back of my car to deliver for my friends.
Having lunch with friends that included three free cookies.
Installing a doggie door and watching the puppy figure it out.
Finally getting people play time that included eating without hovering animals.
Chatting with my children–both on the phone and Snapchat.
Leaving the puppy uncaged for several hours and coming home to no accidents or broken items.
Drinking sangria with friends and watching the puppy try to get a Great Dane to play.
Baking zucchini bread and having warm pieces of it for dinner.
Puppy play time that ended without incident, including some face to face time with the cat.

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