August 4

Another Monday ends. Like most people, I’m not particularly fond of Mondays. I wish I only had to work a half day on Mondays…go in at maybe 1:00 pm. It would be like easing into the week. I think I could be motivated to work half a Monday. And what would be even better would be working only half a day on Friday too. Maybe a 9-1 shift so the work week would trail off into the weekend. Yeah, that would be great. But in the meantime, I remind myself that I am happy to have a job to go to on Monday mornings. I’m actually in the process of re-arranging and redecorating the tutoring lab. One of the maintenance staff is painting some of the walls blue for me. He got it half done since last week. We finally have some color in there after years of beige walls, so that was fun to see today. I’m also thankful for some random items: I got documentation submitted at the real estate assessor’s office to get my taxes lowered next year, the pork roast I put in the slow cooker over lunch was pretty good and I’m glad my boyfriend was able to join us for dinner, he brought fresh tomatoes and zucchini bread which may be my dinner tomorrow, my kids and I had a nice chat tonight and made s’mores in the oven, and I got my puppy to pee in the rain before bedtime. I guess overall, it wasn’t a bad Monday.

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