August 8

Like most places, there are things about where I work that frustrate me. There are a lot of politics and egos and groups who feel under appreciated and treated differently than others. There are people who are difficult to deal with and people who don’t pull their weight. But there are also many things that are good and for which I’m grateful. One of those things is the amount of vacation time I get. I hope one day to actually take a vacation with it again. But in the meantime, I’m using it mostly to finish my projects at home. Today I took the day off and actually got back to painting my house. And this time my kids were around to help. Together we got the sides about done. There’s just a little trim work to finish. Neither one of my girls is comfortable on a ladder, so I had to get the top stuff. Unfortunately I’m the shortest, so for me it’s a gymnastics event. I’m always pushing my luck by teetering on the top rungs–you know the ones that say don’t stand on. Usually I have one foot there and one foot on, oh, maybe the roof. At least my fearful children held the ladder steady for me. So I didn’t fall today and we got a lot done. One more half a day and the entire house should be complete. I’m very thankful for that.

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