August 12

I woke up exhausted. And stepped in puppy pee on my way through the kitchen. It was not a good morning. The gloomy sky only accentuated things, so I didn’t show up to work very excited for the day. But I saw when I got there that Randy from maintenance had finished painting the walls in my tutoring lab. That was the start of an upwards swing. And I’m happy to report that my day has ended well. Some gratitude highlights:

My broken kitchen faucet is being replaced under warranty. I got the email shipping confirmation today which means hot water in my kitchen again soon.
My daughter borrowed my car so I got to drive her little sports car. I really do enjoy manual transmissions.
Lately my bible verse, daily Goodreads quotes, and decorating blog emails have been interesting and timely.
I tackled a pile of papers on my desk and won.
Lunch included a milkshake.
I finally used a wine store gift certificate I got at Christmas–on seasonal craft beer.
Someone brought me tomatoes from his garden.
My puppy is back in crate training, but only whined for a short while at bedtime. Maybe I’ll get some real sleep tonight.

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