September 9

I’m a terrible dinner person when left to my own devices. My kids went out with friends so instead of making myself real food, I went to Lowe’s. Mostly because I hadn’t been there in forever and I was feeling what would equate to homesickness over the extended absence. And partly because I wasn’t sure what to eat so leaving the house postponed it. In front our Lowe’s is a recently built Chick-fil-A and I considered the drive-thru on my way past. The line was too long. So I enjoyed my time wandering through Lowe’s, reminding myself of things I forgot I needed, the items I already had and didn’t need regardless of tempting discounts, and thinking up future projects. Once I left, I was hungry and the line was still too long at Chick-fil-A. I made another quick stop on my way back home and then remembered I had a coupon in my purse for a free scoop of custard at Culvers. As luck would have it, my boyfriend texted me about then and I decided to share my sudden guilt over having dessert for dinner by peer pressuring him into having dessert too. It worked. Unfortunately neither of us loved my custard choices, so little of it got eaten. By the time I returned home, I resigned myself to dieting. I should lose a little weight anyway. However, the kids were home and had already set out the popcorn accoutrements and talked me into making some. Popcorn is my default food so it wasn’t a hard convince. I had a few handfuls, shared with the dog. I thought about adding some string cheese, struggled with the packaging, gave up, and grabbed a fig newton instead. So my entire dinner tonight: several spoonfuls of custard, a few handfuls of popcorn, a fig newton (ok, almost 2, but I gave the dog a bite) and some lemonade. Oh, and a handful of chocolate chips. I forgot about that. So I’m now certain on a couple of things: I’m an incredibly lazy cook and I’m thankful I’m not sick. If I ever win win the lottery, in addition to hiring a driver (I hate driving!) I’ll need to hire a personal chef.

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