September 11

Fall has come and apparently gone already. It was cold today. Colder than the supposed high of 61 that was predicted yesterday. The couple times I was in my car it was never higher than 54 degrees. Yet I just moved the plastic tote of my sweaters and winter clothes to the basement last week–because I finally got my closet organized for the summer. And this morning I was searching for a long sleeved shirt. How did this happen?? How am I always one step behind lately? It seems like everything is moving quicker than I can keep up. Every time I get one thing done, I’m reminded that I’m close to a deadline on something else. My classes. Bills. Dog vet visit. Car registration. Life has this way of just continuing on whether we are ready and keeping up or not. As I pondered how to manage the variety of things that were piling up today, I remembered the date. And how 13 years ago time stood still for a moment while our country was attacked by terrorists. And all of a sudden, fleeting time and looming deadlines didn’t seem quite so overwhelming. My problems are manageable, simple really. I’m lucky. And thankful for the perspective.

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