September 15

It’s been a bit of a lousy day all around, so gratitude isn’t so obvious right now. But that’s exactly my purpose in writing daily. It’s so easy to get caught up in the frustrations and let them sink in, so we have to be intentional about turning the negative around or at least trying to balance it with something positive. So my morning was a three hour meeting that didn’t feel overly productive. But it ended in a pretty good lunch on a day I didn’t bring one. My afternoon was an almost 2 hour meeting about a reorganization that is going to take place during which it was announced that a colleague will soon be my boss. There are a number of factors, political and otherwise, that made the announcement uncomfortable to say the least. While I have some reservations about the change, my new boss is someone I like and respect and my area remains under my current boss, so there is consistency in programming. Finally, this evening I wasn’t able to go to the gym as I intended when I got home because the kids were gone and my puppy was in desperate need of attention. After too much jumping and nipping, I took him running with me for the first time and he kept a great pace and seemed to enjoy it (more than I did). He was much better the rest of the evening. So there. Lousy day but still enough to be thankful for.

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