September 25

It’s been a long, frustrating week overall. In fact, at math dinner tonight we discussed how we all had similar weeks and how tired we were. I planned to get home tonight, blog and go directly to bed. But my kids are gone and the animals needed attention. So I gave the cat some quick hugs and head rubs and planned to hang out with the dog while I wrote. However, when I sat down on the sofa with him, he grabbed a toy and plopped himself in my lap instead. I love when he’s sweet like that. He’s only recently started cuddling up next to me. Sometimes in the mornings I don’t need to rush off to work, I sit with him on “his” sofa and he lays his head in my lap or on my shoulder and goes back to sleep. It’s in those moments that I’m reassured that he is going to be a great companion–if we can survive these puppy months together. So after a rough week, I’m thankful for the pet sweetness that greeted me tonight. That was worth the small delay in bedtime.

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