October 12

The new season of the Walking Dead started tonight. It was probably as gory and violent and horrible as it has ever been. I had to cover my face during some of it. For someone who doesn’t like horror and slasher movies, it’s shocking that I like this show. I’ve written about it before, and it’s the same now for me: it’s because it’s such an interesting show in human behavior and adaptation. It’s a world of survival. It’s intense because anything can and does happen. Nothing in this tv program is as predicable as in most shows. And every time I watch it, I wonder how I would react if I were there. Whether or not I’d survive. If I could kill to live. If I could stand the stench of rotting flesh. If I would be able to hold on to some hope of a different future. I don’t know. I’d hope so, but I’m pretty thankful I don’t have to find out. And I’m thankful to have the season back on.

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