November 1

I cannot believe it is November. We have only 59 days left in the year. If you’re counting…

My day started relaxed, with an amazing breakfast at a newish restaurant in town. They use local ingredients and an unusual mixture of items. I had something like a puffy quesadilla topped with fabulous ham, a hard fried egg and melted butterkase cheese with a very tasty fried sweet potato side dish. My boyfriend had a similar dish, only his was topped with chorizo and avocado and other yummies, including a soft fried egg. We agreed that it was a place necessary to visit again. The downside to the wonderful food was that it made us feel lazy, so the rest of the day contained minimal accomplishments, but did include a nap, culinary knowledge via reruns of Good Eats, and part one of the Dr. Who finale. Overall, a good start to the new month.

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