November 8

Last winter I went to see Stone Sour, one of my favorite bands. I’m especially fond of The lead singer, Corey Taylor. I actually think he has a great voice. Well tonight I saw Slipknot, a band that also has Corey Taylor as the lead singer. It’s a much harder rock band, so it’s a different vibe, but they put on a great show. Lots of pyrotechnics and lights and moving stage parts. I hadn’t seen them live before, nor I had I seen the opening band, Korn. They were fantastic too. Not as big of a show but their music is a lot of fun on its own. I just simply love seeing live music. Most of the time it gives me a greater appreciation for hearing music on the radio when I can see how much effort goes into performances. That was definitely the case tonight. So I’m thankful my boyfriend got us tickets. And I’m thankful we had good seats without too many crazy people around us. It was a good evening.

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