November 19: Mom

It’s my mom’s birthday today. I tried calling her earlier this evening but she didn’t answer. Instead she texted me that she was bowling late tonight. Whooping it up on her birthday, I guess. I’ve written about my mom before. She’s pretty cool. Kind hearted but sarcastic, wise yet blunt, talented but not at all ego-driven. She loves entertaining and cooking for people, but hates being the center of attention. It’s always difficult to get a picture of her because she hates being in front of the camera. She says she has an awful smile, but that’s not true. She has a very genuine smile when she’s not being self-conscious. Trying to catch a photo of her is something my sisters and I all try to do, usually attempting it when she isn’t paying attention. That makes her mad but makes us laugh. She usually laughs too and is a lot of fun to be around because she jumps right in on the jokes and teasing. She’s been the kind of mom over the years who sends cards just because. Or flowers or care packages when we’re going through a bad time. She’s been through a lot this past year with my dad’s illness and death, but she’s been incredibly strong through it all. Stronger than she thinks of herself. I hope I’m on the road to being as lovely of a person as she is today and thankful to have such a role model for a mother.

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