December 2

I’m thankful I was able to take my dog for a walk over lunch (thank you, sunshine!). I’m grateful also for a little bit of holiday cheer–I got some decorations up at work.  I always put up a tree and snowflakes and lights around our main office window. I even had some hot chocolate this afternoon. I’ve been so lax on other holidays this year that I’m trying to make a better effort for the Christmas season. After all, I really do like decorating with greenery and lights.  I even went out and bought a small inexpensive artificial tree tonight that I’m hoping my puppy will leave alone. It will be in his usually hanging out area and I’ll just put lights on it. If it survives, I’ll feel better about putting up a legitimate tree for ornament decorating. It’s been my and my kids tradition to go out and cut our own Christmas tree; however, the puppy is fascinated with sticks. I’m constantly finding branches inside, so I’m a bit leery of bringing a real Christmas tree into the house. We’ll see. It may be time for all things artificial. Finally, I’m thankful for pasta dinner, sinus pressure relief (finally!), and a booked flight back to Texas for New Years.

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