December 16

It feels like a Sunday. Today was day two of the Mall of America venture. After getting the lay of the land yesterday, we wanted to get up for an early start since the mall opened at 8 am. (Which really is ridiculous, but we were ok with that.) We got there at 8:30, got coffee, and roamed with the mall walkers. There are at least 5 Caribou Coffee shops and 3 Starbucks in that mall. Heaven. Today we rode the roller coaster twice and the water ride, intended to check out the aquarium but didn’t, and shopped like Christmas is in 9 days. The funny thing was that even after spending most of Monday there, we still walked through today looking at stores as if they were new. It felt a little like Groundhog Day. After 7 and a half hours of shopping and eating a great lunch (oh, the restaurants!) we called it quits, but had gotten a lot crossed off the list. And my body tells me that I got an amazing workout. Bonus! Those mall walkers know what they’re doing. Apparently, one lap of one level (there are 4 levels) is .57 miles. We must had done at least 4 laps of each level. The mall is so big, that according to the mall’s website, 32 Boeing 747s could fit inside it. Or 258 Statues of Liberty lying down. And if you spent just 10 minutes in each store, it would still take you 86 hours to get through them all. Obviously, we didn’t go into every one. But that explains why we got home a lot later than we had planned on. And why I’m tired and my legs ache, but I’m really thankful we went. We had a great time.

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